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What is the difference between IQONTROL and AIO CREATOR NEO/ AIO REMOTE NEO?


  • IQONTROL is our smart home solution for non-techies
  • You can set up and manage the system directly on your mobile device. No Desktop-PC is required.
  • After initial set-up, the control interface of your system will be generated automatically by the App for any screen resolution.
  • IQONTROL supports only mediola® Gateways as a central control unit to connect RF-components. Connectors/ central control units of other vendors are not supported.
  • Support of IP-cams
  • No remote control of CE-devices (TV, Hifi…) via IP
  • IQONTROL is free of charge.



  • AIO CREATOR NEO/ REMOTE NEO is our extremely powerful and flexible solution to realize individual smart home projects.
  • With our software AIO CREATOR NEO for PC or MAC you set-up and manage the system and design your completely customized grafical and functional control interfaces.
  • NEO supports import of images for butttons, controls and backgrounds.
  • Once you have designed your remote controls with NEO, you simply download them to any smartphone or tablet using our free app AIO REMOTE NEO.
  • There’s no need to run a pc or server in the background
  • The control interfaces are not generated automatically by the system.
  • No automatic adaption for different display-resolutions.
  • Support of all mediola® gateways as well as smart home hubs/ central control units of other vendors (i.e. you can integrate homematic ccu and mediola gateway simultaneously).
  • Remote control of ce-devices (TV, Hifi…) via IP
  • Support of IP-cams
  • AIO CREATOR NEO and the app AIO REMOTE NEO is free of charge but you have to pay for the Plugins to integrate specific devices.

What is the difference between AIO CREATOR NEO and AIO CREATOR FLEX/ HM ?

  • AIO CREATOR NEO and AIO CREATOR FLEX / HM are completely different products, but NEO is some sort of next generation of Flex/ HM.
  • Basically NEO continues the All-In-One concept of Flex / HM  on a completely new technology base.
  • The new technology base of NEO provides an even greater flexibility and additional opportunities to expand the range of functions in the future.

Is it possible to import AIO CREATOR FLEX/ HM- Remotes/ -devices to AIO CREATOR NEO

  • Infrared commands can be imported from FLEX / HM to NEO
  • Because the software AIO CREATOR NEO has a completely new technology base & structure, there is no further import option.

For which Operation Systems are AIO CREATOR NEO and AIO REMOTE NEO available?

  • AIO CREATOR NEO is available for Micsosoft Windows (Win 7 and higher) and Apples MacOS (version 10.7 and higher).
  • The corresponding App AIO REMOTE NEO is available for Apples iOS (version 7.0 an higher) and Android (version 4.0 and higher).

Which versions of AIO CREATOR NEO are available?

  • There is only one basic version of the AIO CREATOR NEO, but at least one plug-in is required in order to control devices. Each user can select one or more plug-ins, to build up a smart home system that supports exactly the brands / manufacturers, he actually needs.
  • This implies an extremely flexible modular system, which allows the customer only to buy what he needs at this time. Additionally he has the freedom to extend the system with new brands/ vendors over time.
  • You can check all available Plug-Ins at our Online-Shop.

What are plug-ins and how does it work to integrate them?

  • Plug-ins are extension modules for AIO CREATOR NEO, which allow the integration of certain devices, brands or vendors to NEO mart home system.
  • Basically the AIO CREATOR NEO must contain at least one plug-in to be able to control devices (supported by this plug-in).
  • All (new) plug-ins can be easily unlocked in NEO by the input of an additional plug-in license key.

Which plug-ins are available?

You can check and purchase all available NEO Plug-Ins at our Online-Shop.

Is it possible to create automations by AIO CREATOR NEO?

  • In addition to controlling functions you can also create simple automations with all the wireless components which are connected to the AIO GATEWAY. Therfore you can use the integrated task manager. With the Task Manager you can create time- as well as event-triggered  functions (i.e. it is possible that an InterTechno door / window contact can trigeger a HomeMatic actuator). We call this event-triggered functions. Others call it “If this than that” (IFTT). But this has nothing to do with the relatively well known service “IFTT”, which rquires an internet connection. Our tasks are stored locally on the gateway and also can be carried out when an Internet connection is not available (which we consider to be essential).
  • Although the app IQONTROL and/ or NEO can control devices via different hubs/ gateways seamlessly, there is currently no cross system automation available (via different hubs/ Gateways).
  • For this pupose we invented a new NEO Plug-In, the “Cross-Plattform Automation Manager“, which we expect to be available from Q4/2015. This new plug-in will provide almost infinitely complex IFTT functions and conditional queries for ALL in NEO integrated devices by using Java Script. It will be available for all major OS platforms (Linux, Windows and MAC OS).

What is the difference between AIO CREATOR FLEX/ AIO REMOTE and AIO CREATOR HM/ AIO REMOTE HM ?

  • Our software AIO CREATOR  is available in the two basic versions
  • AIO CREATOR FLEX/ AIO REMOTE supports all mediola® AIO GATEWAYS. Further third party hubs / gateways can be added via optional plug-ins.
  • AIO CREATOR HM/ AIO REMOTE HM supports HomeMatic CCU 1 & 2 (no AIO GATEWAYS). Further party hubs / gateways can be added via optional plug-ins.

Key Feature comparison between IQONTROL und AIO CREATOR NEO / REMOTE NEO


Which wireless components are supported by AIO GATEWAY V.4 and V.4 Plus ?

  • Please click here hier to check the complete compatibility list.

What are the functional diffenrences between AIO GATEWAY V3, V4 and V4 Plus?

  • In contrast to V3 both V4 versions have internal antennas. The radio transmission range of the devices should not differ significantly.
    Note: Depending on the environment, improvements can be achieved for the V3 by changing the antenna positions. To achieve improvements for the V4 versions it is necessary to reposition or rotate the whole device.
  • Both V4-Versions are equipped with an IR to RF Connector to trigger RF-Devices via a conventional IR-Remote Control (38 KHz).
    Note: You can only trigger RF-Devices which are connected via AIO GATEWAY. It is not pssible to trigger RF devices which are connected via third party hubs/ gateways (i.e. HomeMatic CCU)
  • AIO GATEWAY V4 is equipped with one 868 MHz-Chip. V3 and V4 Plus are both equipped with two 868 MHz-Chips. For the support and controlling of  actuators this is without relevance.
    For the support of 868 MHz-sensors this means:
    Due to the modulation characteristics of the 868 MHz band, with one single 868-chip only sensors of one vendor can be used as a trigger for events (i.e. FS20 or HomeMatic). By using V3 or V4 Plus with two 868 MHz-chips you can use sensors of two different verndors simultanously.
  • Only v4 Plus version contains an illuminated logo in the top cover. The RGB-LED is programmable (i.e. to indicate specific sensor states)

Which commands / components can be integrated by learning-functionality of AIO GATEWAY?

  • Infrared: IR-commands of any device can be learned from the original remote control.
  • RF: Additionally to the already included RF-systems, there is an option to integrate even unknown rf-commands/-systems by learning the codes from the original remote control. Depending on the version and equipment of your gateway, it’s possible to learn on 433 and/ or 868 MHz.
    Please note, that it’s not possible to learn encrypted or rolling codes. Since many manufacturers do not explicitly mention that their wireless protocols are encrypted, you have to find out by trial and error, whether a code can be learned or not. Due to this fact we unfortunately can not assume a guarantee for the possibility to learn “unknown” RF-components.



  • No, both are independent solutions and not compatible.

What do i have to pay attention, if i want to try IQONTROL with my gateway, which is already in use with AIO CREATOR (NEO) / REMOTE (NEO)?

  • Since IQONTROL and AIO CREATOR/ AIO CREATOR NEO are not compatible, it is possible, but not reasonable to use both solutions with one gateway, because both solutions store data in the internal gateway memory (i.e. for tasks). Therefore a data loss can not be excluded.
  • To avoid data loss during a trial of IQONTROL with your gateway, you have to save your current gateway configuration first. To save your configuration please use the Gateway ConfigTool. After the trial you can upload your saved configuration to your gateway again (also by ConfigTool). In this case, all data stored by IQONTROL on the gateway will be deleted/ overwritten.

Which 3rd party gateways (central control units/ hubs) are supported by IQONTROL?

  • No one. IQONTROL only supports AIO GATEWAYs (Version V.2 and higher).

Which 3rd party gateways / ip-hubs are supported by AIO CREATOR NEO?

  • With the basic version of AIO CREATOR NEO you cannot control any devices. In order to control devices you need additional plug-ins. You can select of a wide range of plug-ins, which support lots of brands and vendors.
  • This implies an extremely flexible modular system, which allows the customer only to buy what he needs at this time. Additionally he has the freedom to extend the system with new brands/ vendors over time.
  • You can check all available Plug-Ins at our Online-Shop.

Which 3rd party gateways (central control units/ hubs) are supported by AIO CREATOR FLEX / HM ?

<ul class=”auto-style2″>
<li>We provide the two basic versions “Flex” and “HM”.  The Flex-Version supports only all mediola AIO GATEWAYs. The HM-versions supports only HomeMatic CCUs (no AIO GATEWAYS)</li>
<li>To extend your basic version by integrating other gateways / central control units/ ip-hubs we provide optional plug-ins. </li>

Is it possible to integrate several gateways to AIO CREATOR/ AIO CREATOR NEO simultanously??

Yes, you can integrate any number of mediola AIO GATEWAYs and all supported 3rd party gateways/ smart home hubs etc. That’s just one of our unique product features. You can combine different brands and manufacturers and mix systems that merge at user level. So you can use it comfortably as if it were a single homogeneous system.