Small Device, Huge Functionality

The mediola® AIO GATEWAY series is our universal Smart Home Hub product line. Our multifunctional gateways allow to integrate all infrared devices and currently more than 800 radio components from more than 40 brands into the comprehensive AIO CREATOR NEO Smart Home ecosystem. Even the huge installed-base of proprietary radio-protocol using brands can be controlled comfortably via smartphone/ tablet now.

By using mediola® products  you can transform your home into a Smart Home worry-free and simple. Enjoy the security and convenience of an innovative home management system, that simplifies your life.

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A Dynamic Duo

Because our Smart Home Hubs are equipped with a unique hybrid technology which connects your home devices wirelessly via IR and RF, it’s really simple to “App-grade” new and older homes and turn them smart. To operate the Gateways, control all its supported devices and combine them with a multitude of other brands in an All-In-One Smart Home Solution, we provide our powerful Software AIO CREATOR NEO. NEO comes with a build-in app designer, a device manager and an app simulator and is upgradeable with plugins as needed.

By using our dynamic duo you can automate, monitor and control everything in your home by your fingertip – at home or away.

Freedom of Choice

Feel free to choose your favorite branded products – or even mix different brands in a very cost-effective way. It’s up to you!

With mediola® AIO GATEWAY you can already integrate all IR-Devices and pick your product from over 800 radio components of more than 40 brands. The extremely flexible and individually scalable NEO plugin-concept enhances the devices range up to more than 1500 different devices and 100 brands. Due to its open and modular architecture it is also future-proof, because it allows to integrate more and upcoming brands and radio standards via optional plugins easily.

Your Home in your hand

Use mediola to turn your smartphone into a universal remote control that lets you easily control, monitor and secure your home from wherever you are.

Feel the magic of Automation

Raise the smartness level of your life by using rf sensors for smoke, temperature, motion, water etc in combination with automation features like one-touch-scenes, time- & astro-triggered actions or if-this-then-that-events. That’s pure comfort!

Keep your family safe

Protect your home from water or fire damage by receiving push notifications if a sensor is triggered. Set up cameras and motion sensors to monitor what’s going on when you’re not around. Or prevent burglary by switching lights and TV automatically. Simple functions, great effects!

Gateway Hand

Smart Home the easy way !

hand hält smartphone mit NEO Smart Home App

mediola® Smart Home Hubs

We offer two different versions of our Smart Home Hub AIO GATEWAY. To compare the features please check the list below:

Gateway V5

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Gateway Vorderansicht
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Gateway V5+

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Gateway Vorderansicht
VPLUS back
Key Features (for Gateway and AIO CREATOR NEO incl. Plugin) V5 V5 PLUS
Multi-vendor RF-sensors/ actuators 433 MHz
Multi-vendor RF-sensors/ actuators 868 MHz
Homematic IP support
Dual RF-sensortrigger 868 MHz
LAN 10/100 / RJ45
WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n via USB
2 x USB 2.0
Extendable with additional wireless standards like EnOcean via USB adapters*
NEO Automation Manager*
Multi-vendor Infrared support
Multi-vendor IP-& Surveillance cameras*
Multi-vendor IP-devices lighting/ audio/video*
One-touch scenes
Taskmanager incl. time and IFTT(sensors) triggered events
Integrated RGB-LED displays states
Security features like lock monitoring via door-/ window-sensors and alarm messages via Push-Notifications/SMS/E-Mail
Motion-detection of IP-cameras as alarm trigger*
Use IR-Remote Control to switch RF-actuators
Including AIO CREATOR NEO Plugin for AIO Gateways
Recommended Retail Price (incl. VAT)
* additional NEO Plugins required
€ 279,-
€ 449,-

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