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Expand your Neo Smart Home with a wide range of additional features such as “intelligent” voice control. Our mediola Cloud Services provide you with the option to connect many popular and powerful cloud services to the NEO eco system (e.g. voice control or automation platforms).

mediola alexa skill

Voice Control

A completely new level for your living comfort. Thanks to our Smart Home Skill for Amazon Alexa, you can talk to your house and control your connected devices or scenes additionally by voice commands. You will love this feature!

IFTTT und Conrad-Connect icons

Automation Platforms

Via mediola Cloud Services you can also connect IFTTT or Conrad Connect to NEO and use features like e.g. geofencing, google calendar and many more to trigger your devices connected with AIO CREATOR NEO.

gateway remote access

Remote Access

Remote access the easy way. Control all your devices connected to AIO Gateway V5 or V5 Plus from anywhere at any time. No need to set up a VPN. Just enable the remote function once and the secure remote access set up is done.

Voice control – the next generation of smart living

Simply use our Smart Home Skill to control all your NEO devices by voice commands. Just call Alexa from bed or your favorite lounge chair and tell your home what to do. It is no longer science fiction to switch on the lights or roll down the blinds by using nothing else but your voice. Your living experience will be so much smarter and more comfortable than ever before. You will be amazed how voice control can ease your every day life.

Simply awesome – awesome simple!

paar geniesst die cloud-services von mediola in Verbindung von alexa voice skill

Steuern Sie Ihre NEO Geräte über unseren Alexa Skill bequem per Sprachbefehl. Auf dieses Weise wird Ihr Smart Home noch smarter und komfortabler. Licht, Rollläden oder den Fernseher aus dem Bett oder vom Lieblingssessel aus durch Zuruf zu dirigieren, ist damit keine Science-Fiction-Vision mehr. Vielmehr wird die Sprachsteuerung Ihren Alltag täglich spürbar erleichtern. Ihr digitaler Sprachassistent wird Sie dabei immer besser verstehen, je öfter Sie seine Dienste nutzen, denn er lernt dazu und passt sich dem Benutzer an.

Cloud intelligence for your home

Connect your NEO eco system to many other interesting web services via mediola cloud services. Additionally to the Amazon Alexa Voice Control the cloud service currently provide connectivity to popular cloud-based automation platforms like IFTTT and Conrad Connect. Use these platforms to create simple connections between apps, features like e.g. geofencing and the physical products you use every day. Build complex automation projects intuitively with just a few clicks!

The scope of features also includes the secure remote access to all your devices connected via mediola AIO GATEWAYS of the V5 series. There is no need to configure a complete VPN. Simply monitor and control all your devices from anywhere by checking the remote access box in the ConfigTool NEO, that’s it.

In the future the functionality and the supported web-based platforms will be expanded constantly.

You can activate the optional mediola Cloud Services for a fee of only 29,99 € per year. During the licensed period you can use ALL supported features and supported cloud platforms. The activation will be realized by entering an activation key to NEO (similar to plugin activation).

Free for ultimate- & SUS-flatrate user

For users of an ultimate license or a SUS flatrate, the mediola cloud services are already included and free of charge.


Technical requirements:

To use the mediola Cloud Services in combination with AIO CREATOR NEO, a running NEO Server or AIO GATEWAY V5 Plus and an active internet connection are required.