mediola® IQONTROL & V5 - amazingly simple, yet powerful

Our entry level smart home solution was designed to be as simple as possible, making it easier than ever to control, automate and manage your home. With the extremely user-friendly App IQONTROL combined with the multi-featured AIO GATEWAY V5 you can transform your home into a Smart Home worry-free and intuitive.

Together, the congenial duo enables you to connect almost all infrared devices and more than 1000 radio components from over 40 brands as well as selected IP devices in one single app.

drei iphones mit iqontrol App

The Highlight: Just use your VOICE to control your smart home !

By using the optional mediola cloud services you can realize easy remote access or use the amazon alexa voice assistant.

Discover the convenience of a smart home system giving you the comfort of doing more with less. Just enjoy your home at your fingertip – or even without lifting a finger.

Easy setup thanks to self-generating control-interface

iqontrol mediola iphone ipad smarthome

IQONTROL - the control unit

Our free and user-friendly app IQONTROL was especially designed to be used by non-techies without technical background. You will be impressed, how simple it is to setup and use a comprehensive smart home system. The app is available for all market leading smartphones and tablets (Apple iOS, Android). You can set up and manage the system directly on your mobile device. No Desktop-PC is required.

After initial set up, the control interface of your system will be generated automatically by the app for any screen resolution. So you can start controlling your lights or shades immediately afterwards. Feel free to use as many control units as you like, the number is unlimited.

Einfacher und schneller geht’s nicht!  So haben Sie Ihr Zuhause immer im Griff – auch von unterwegs.

gateway mediola

AIO GATEWAY V5 - the central hub

The AIO GATEWAY V5 is the central hub to connect your home appliances with the app IQONTROL. It enables you to control all infrared devices (TV, Hifi, …) as well as a wide range of wireless building technology (lighting, climate, shades, switches, …) comfortably via smarthone/ tablet or even with your voice.

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mediola® Cloud Services - and your home will listen

Our optional mediola cloud services enable you to control your home from anywhere via easy remote access. Additionally you can connect many powerful 3rd party cloud services such as voice assistant or automation platforms to your mediola system.

So you can e.g. use our alexa skill to control your home by voice commands or create automations via IFTTT or Conrad Connect.