The ultimate Smart Home Solution

NEO test mode:Testversion test any function of any device at any time

open platform to combine different vendors and brands

use the App Designer to create your individual App Design

technology and vendor independent

integrates Infrared, Wireless Protocolls, IP-Devices and IP-Systems

future-proof due to the permanent integration of new brands & technologies

mediola® AIO CREATOR NEO is the ultimate Smart Home solution to monitor, automate and control your entire home with only one single app. With mediola® AIO CREATOR NEO we offer an extremely powerful and flexible solution to realize your individual smart home projects. It provides lots of features to let you easily create your personalized Control App. AIO CREATOR NEO works with all your connected devices from all your favourite brands, giving you the freedom to buy smart products from the vendors you trust. Just use NEO to create your totally customized User Interface with individual graphics and functions. Due to its innovative modular concept with optional Plugins, NEO provides you with a unique flexibility and a maximum of independance. The large number of available Plugins to integrate popular smart home systems and market-leading technology standards is growing constantly.


Amazingly simple: license- and test mode of NEO are identical. Once you have downloaded NEO, you can test any function of any device for an unlimited time – live. After you have finished your test procedure and purchased a license, simply switch from test mode to license mode and enter your license key. That’s it. And if you want to test the functionality of another plugin later, just switch to test mode again and test whatever you like and finally switch back to license mode.

5 Select the Smartphone or Tablet for which you would like to design the app
Select your device
Create your smart home remote
3 Select a template and adapt it to your requirements or create an individual remote pages from the scratch by using the integrated icon gallery or your own images
4 Assign the devices and components to the control icons
5 Preview and operational testing of your created Control App via App Simulator.
Preview and test your smart home app
uplode the smart home remotes
9 Upload the designed remotes
10 Install the App AIO REMOTE NEO on your Smartphone / Tablet.
11 Download the remotes in the APP and start your own smart home app.
download your smart home remote

Supported vendors & brands

You have the freedom of choice, because NEO supports already

AIO CREATOR NEO is really All-IN-ONE. Our extremely flexible plugin-concept allows to build an individual smart home system on a complete modular basis. Just mix building technology, security equipment and audio-video-devices of many different brands in one single App by choosing the NEO plugins you need.


your own style the easy way

  • Drag’n’drop editor for designing individual remote controls. By inserting elements (buttons, slider, RGB-wheel, graphics, text, cameras, etc.)
  • Pre-installed Icon-Sets in four styles
  • Many customizable templates
  • Import your own geraphics & icons
  • Assigning functions & management of all devices in Device Manager
  • Creation of scenes via custom macros
AIOCreatorNEODesktop Ansicht

Fresh Design with trendy Icon Sets

AIO CREATOR NEO is fun, because you can design your own App however you like. Additionally NEO offers different trendy Icon sets, so you can enjoy editing, designing and managing your smart home system even more.