Subscription Update Service (SUS)

sus mediola program

NEO development and upgrades

We are continuously working on the development of new features for AIO CREATOR NEO. Due to our ambitious as well as complex All-In-One approach on the one hand and the exceptional development speed of Smart Home technologies on the other hand, NEO offers new product innovations very dynamically. This results in a release cycle of approximately 6 – 12 months for paid NEO upgrade versions.

SUS provides our customers with a simple and cost-effective way to profit from our innovative developments – such as new features or the integration of new devices – at any time.

What is SUS and what do i need it for?

To profit from all NEO Upgrades cost-effectively.

Detail informations:

SUS is a subscription service that contains all new developments of AIO CREATOR NEO within the scope of paid upgrades. All Minor & Major-Upgrades (1. or 2. digit of version changes) are those paid versions which are included in SUS. This makes SUS interesting for those who want to stay up-to-date, but do not want to pay a full license for each upgrade. As part of a valid SUS you will always have access to the latest versions with all the latest innovations and the latest features. To any purchased NEO plugin a free 12 months SUS is added, so you have lots of time to decide whether you can benefit from SUS or not.

Is SUS compulsory?


Detail informations:

No, SUS is no obligation but an additional option for you to benefit from upgrade versions. Of course you can always continue to use NEO with no restrictions and all activated plugins in the latest validated version. Without SUS you will also receive our patch service with minor improvements and bugfixes for this version.

Is it possible to use NEO without SUS?

Yes, of course.

Detail informations:

Since SUS is not a software rental model à la Adobe but an upgrade authorization, you can of course always continue to use NEO with no time limitation and all activated plugins in the latest validated Major/ Minor-version. Even without SUS you will also receive our patch service (only 3. digit of version number changes) with minor improvements and bugfixes.

What is the concept behind SUS?

SUS can not be purchased for NEO as a whole but only for each plugin. If you want to use all your activated NEO plugins after you have upgraded NEO to a new paid version (major/ minor), a valid SUS for each plugin is required.

Detail informations:

Due to the modular plug-in concept of NEO, there is no fixed price for the NEO software. But this does not mean that the basic NEO software and its core functions are free. The NEO license price is rather variable and depends on the number of plugins used. This is also the reason why we have bound SUS to the plugins.

That means, that a subscription update service is not available for NEO as a whole but for each plugin. SUS will always be validated for a particular plugin with a specific runtime (e.g. 12 or 24 months). SUS will be validated by entering a code. A valid SUS enables you to use this particular plugin for the purchased runtime with all upcoming NEO upgrades (Minor / Major) including all new features for free. The runtime starts with validation of the code in NEO and adds up to a possible SUS remaining time of this plugin’s SUS.

What does SUS cost?

Each purchased NEO plugin contains a free 12 months SUS-runtime.
To extend the SUS-runtime of your plugins, we provide the following 3 bundles :

SUS-extension bundle12 months6 months
1 NEO Plugin19,95 € /p.a.32,95 € /p.a.
Up to 3 NEO Plugins29,95 € /p.a.49,95 € /p.a.
Flat (for all Plugins) 49,95 € /p.a.79,95 € /p.a.

What happens if SUS has expired?

You can continue to use your latest validated major/minor-version without any limitation including free Updates (only 3. digit of version number changes). For Upgrades (major/ minor) you have to purchase SUS.

Detail informations:

If SUS has expired and you stay with your latest validated major/minor-version nothing happens. You can use this version without limitation. You can also use our free Updates for this version (only 3. digit of version number changes).

If you want to make a major/ minor upgrade (1. or 2. digit of version changes) you need a valid SUS for each plugin you want to use after the upgrade.

Can I use SUS extensions after expiration or after a break??

Yes, you can reactivate SUS after expiration or a break.

Detail informations:

If your SUS has expired, you can reactivate it at any time. Because SUS generally requires a continuous activation period, a “SUS break” can be supplemented. For this purpose you can use a  SUS extension code.  After the code has been activated in NEO, the purchased runtime-period will be added to the expiration date, even if it is in the past.

Your SUS has already expired half a year ago. However, you want to take advantage of the new features / plug-ins of a new NEO upgrade. You therefore decide to reactivate SUS. To do this you purchase a SUS extension for 1 year and enter in NEO. Now 6

Does the SUS-Flatrate covers all plugins?

During the flatrate runtime our SUS flatrate includes SUS for all then activated plugins – regardless of the number!

Detail informations:

The SUS flatrate includes SUS for all activated plugins during the runtime of the flat. Like the other SUS extensions, the flatrate always starts at the expiration date of the respective plugin and expands the runtime accordingly (12 or 24 months). If a new plug-in is activated within the valid flat runtime, the flat also covers this plugin for the remaining runtime of the flat.

Do I loose my remaining SUS-runtimes of single plugins if I activate a flatrate?

 No, the remaining SUS-runtimes of your single plugins will be added.

What happens, if I use a SUS extension bundle for up to 3 plugins, but only have 2 plugins?

Because extension bundles only can be validated in one step, it is not possible to keep not used sus extensions for future use

How does the SUS extions work exactly?

Generally, SUS is not activated for NEO as a whole but only for a specific plugin and a specific run time (for example 12 or 24 months). A valid SUS allows you to use this plugin for the purchased runtime with all upcoming NEO upgrades (minor / major) free of charge. Once the SUS extension code is activated in NEO, the purchased runtime adds up to the respective number of plugins. NEO then adds the runtime-period to the expiration date of the respective plugin, regardless of whether the date is in the past or the future. If a user has more plugins than the SUS extension code includes, you can choose which plugins shall be used.

The offered articles “SUS-Extension for 3 plugins” & “Flatrate” are just quantity packages for single SUS extensions (in case of the Flatrate without upper limit).