Subscription Update Service (SUS)

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NEO development and upgrades

We are continuously working on the development of new features for AIO CREATOR NEO. Due to our ambitious as well as complex All-In-One approach on the one hand and the exceptional development speed of Smart Home technologies on the other hand, NEO offers new product innovations very dynamically. This results in a release cycle of approximately 6 – 12 months for paid NEO upgrade versions.

In order to provide customers with a simple and cost-effective way to profit from our innovative developments – such as new features or the integration of new devices – at any time, our Subscription Update Service (SUS) was introduced.

What is SUS and what do i need it for?

SUS is a subscription service that contains all new developments of AIO CREATOR NEO within the scope of paid upgrades. So all paid version upgrades (Minor & Major) are included in SUS. This makes SUS interesting for those who want to stay up-to-date, but do not want to pay a full license for each upgrade. As part of a valid SUS you will always have access to the latest versions with all the latest innovations and the latest features. To any purchased NEO plugin a free 12 months SUS is added, so you have lots of time to decide whether you can benefit from SUS or not.

Is SUS compulsory?

No, SUS is no obligation but an additional option. Of course you can always continue to use NEO with no restrictions and all activated plugins in the latest validated version. Without SUS you will also receive our patch service with minor improvements and bugfixes for this version. The patch service also includes essential device-updates (especially for multi-component system such as Homematic). Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that ALL components of a plug-in supported by the latest version, can be used even with older versions. If you want to ensure this absolutely, you definitely need SUS or the latest version.

What is the concept behind SUS?

Due to the modular plug-in concept of NEO, there is no fixed price for the NEO software. But this does not mean that the basic NEO software and its core functions are free. The NEO license price is rather variable and depends on the number of plugins used. This is also the reason why we have bound SUS to the plugins.

The plugin price and the plugin SUS thus generates both, the NEO license fee for the core program as well as a share for the plugins (device drivers).

This means: SUS can not be purchased for NEO as a whole but for each plugin.

What does SUS cost?

The price for the extension of a plugin SUS depends primarily on the regular license fee of the plugin as well as on the purchased runtime. The longer the purchased runtime, the cheaper the price per year. The following table shows some examples:

Plugin Fee SUS

For all customers who own a large number of plugins, we also offer a cost-effective complete package:

SuS Flatrate

During the flatrate runtime our SUS flatrate includes SUS for all then activated plugins (valid for all currently available plugins regardless of the number).

Who can benefit from the SUS Flatrate?

The SUS Flatrate is a simple, transparent and cost effective solution for customers who use a larger number of  NEO plugins. For only € 59.98 a year (with a 2-year runtime) you will get an all-inclusive, worry-free package, with all the upgrades and new features for all activated plugins – no matter how many. Depending on which plugins you use, the SUS flatrate pays off from a number of approximately 5 – 10 activated plugins.

For customers using a small number of plugins, the purchase of single SUS might be profitabel. If you start with a single SUS and purchase a flat rate later, no SUS runtime will getting lost, because the remaining runtime of the single SUS will be added.

How does SUS work exactly?

A subscription update service is not available for NEO as a whole but for each plugin. SUS will always be validated for a particular plugin with a specific runtime (e.g. 12 or 24 months). SUS will be validated by entering a code. A valid SUS enables you to use this particular plugin for the purchased runtime with all upcoming NEO upgrades (Minor / Major) including all new features for free. The runtime starts with validation of the code in NEO and adds up to a possible SUS remaining time of this plugin’s SUS.

A  differing option is the SUS flatrate. During the valid runtime of the flatrate, all activated plugins have SUS, regardless of the number. The SUS flatrate is valid for all currently available plugins. The runtime of the flatrate starts with validation of the code in NEO and adds up to possible remaining times of plugin’s SUS. If a new plugin will be activated during the runtime of the flatrat, SUS for the new plugin will be also covered by the flatrate (for the remaining time of the flatrate). The free 12 months SUS for the new plugin will be added up to the plugin’s SUS runtime.

If you want to use all activated NEO plugins after you have upgraded NEO, a valid SUS for each plugin is required at the release date of the upgrade.

What happens, if a plugin SUS has expired or a plugin has no SUS?

If you do not upgrade, nothing happens. NEO remains on the current status quo and you can continue to use your plugins without any time limitation.

After a valid SUS runtime has expired for a specific plugin, no SUS renewal is possible. In this case the input of a new SUS code (as well as a flatrate code) would be unsuccessful. You will be informed in time, before SUS expires.

In case you have upgraded to a new Minor-/ Major-Version of NEO and do not have a valid SUS for an activated plugin at the release date, then you are not authorized to use this plug-in in the upgrade version. From now on the plugin is no longer unlocked in the new NEO version and all the devices integrated to NEO via this plugin are no longer included in the device manager. If you decide to use this plugin again, you have to pay the full license.

During the upgrade process NEO checks for each activated plugin whether there is a valid SUS or not. All plugins who have a valid SUS will be activated in the upgrade version, all plugins without a valid SUS are no longer usable. If you do not upgrade and stay with the older version, everything remains on the current status quo and you can continue to use your plugins without time limitation.

It is also possible to roll back to an older NEO version at any time.

Example 1 - All upgrades & innovations for all plugins free due to SUS flatrate:

Mr. Smart uses NEO since 01.04.2017 with the activated Plugins Plugins Automation Manager, Homematic, Logitech, Samsung Home Appliances, Philips hue and Teufel Raumfeld including SUS for 12 month each. On 01.06.2017 he activates the new Plugins Netatmo und Axis (both incl. 12 Monate SUS). Because Mr. Smart wants to be up-to-date he purchases a 12 month SUS flatrate on 01.12.2017 and activates it in NEO.  All SUS remaining times now have been added for each plugin. On 01.06.2018 Mr Smart uses the NEO version 2.1.6. On the same day the upgrade version 2.2.0 of NEO and on 01.02.2019 the upgrade version 2.3.0 has been released.

Sus example

Since Mr. Smart wants to stay up-to-date, he will upgrade to version 2.2 and 2.3. Because he has a valid SUS for all plugins up to 01.04.2019 (for 2 plugins even longer) both upgrades are free and include all his activated plugins.

Example 2 - No free upgrade possible, due to SUS expiration:

Mr. Sample uses NEO since 01.04.2017 with the activated Plugins Homematic, Logitech, Philips hue and Axis including SUS for 12 month each. He do not purchase an extension of the SUS validity for any of his plugins to extend his upgrade authorization. On 01.06.2018 he uses NEO version 2.1.6. On the same day the upgrade version 2.2.0 of NEO has been released.

sus example

As of 01.04.2018 Mr. Sample can no longer extend his SUS validation for his plugins. If he would upgrade NEO to version 2.2.0, none of his plugins would be unlocked in the upgrade version. But Mr. Sample is satisfied with his system and the features of his current version and does not plan to expand it in the future. So he forgoes SUS and the new functions coming with the upgrade. Instead he continues to use the current version 2.1.6 with all activated plugins without tim limitation and will receive the NEO patch service for it.

Example 3 - Free Upgrade due to extension of SUS:

Mrs. Test also uses NEO since 01.04.2017 with the activated Plugins Homematic, Logitech, Philips hue and Axis including SUS for 12 month each. As Mrs. Test wants to stay up-to-date, she purchases a SUS license code for 12 months for all plug-ins except Logitech on 01.02.2018. After purchase, she enters the SUS codes directly in NEO. The 12 months SUS extensions were automatically added to the SUS remaining time so that the new SUS expiration date for the three plugins is now 31.03.2019. Because Mrs. Test no longer uses infrared control, she forgoes the Logitech plugin. On 01.06.2018 she uses NEO version 2.1.6. On the same day the upgrade version 2.2.0 of NEO has been released.

sus example

Because Mrs. Test always wants to benefit from new features, she of course upgrades to NEO version 2.2.0 and is happy with the extended functionality coming with the latest NEO version. The new NEO version 2.2.0 contains the activated plugins Homematic, Philips hue and Axis. The Logitech plugin has not been unlocked in the new version (no valid SUS). If Mrs. Test will decide to use the Logitech Harmony Hub at some time again, she will have to pay the full licence.