mediola Smart Home Gateway und Iqontrol App kaufen

Set-up your AIO GATEWAY by using the APP IQONTROL

If you want use the AIO GATEWAY with the App IQONTROL, please visit the respective App store on your smartphone / tablet and download the App. Now start the App. The App will guide you through the setup process. Please make sure, that your mobile device and your AIO GATEWAY are connected to the same Wifi.

Important Note:

Please check during the initial setup if a new firmware is available for your AIO GATEWAY and install it. Click here for further information.

Firmware Update via IQONTROL

Iqontrol Broschüre
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NEO auf iMac und iPad

Set-up your AIO GATEWAY by using the software AIO CREATOR NEO

If you want to use the AIO GATEWAY in combination with AIO CREATOR NEO, please read the following document including the first steps to setup your AIO Gateway.

Download – „Setup of your AIO GATEWAY with AIO CREATOR NEO & ConfigTool“

Install the „Gateway ConfigTool“. To download the Tool please click the links below:

Gateway ConfigTool – Download für Windows
Gateway ConfigTool – Download für MAC OS

Now start the ConfigTool and follow the steps in the document. After you have setup your AIO GATEWAY for your LAN please install the Software AIO CREATOR NEO.

Important Note:

Please store your AIO GATEWAY as a NEW Gateway in the NEO Device Manager (Tab “Gateways”) by using the “Search Gateway”-Function. If it is not possible to find your gateway automatically by the “search gateway”-function, please fill in the IP-adress of your AIO GATEWAY manually.

AIO CREATOR NEO – Download for Windows
AIO CREATOR NEO – Download for Mac OS


Using the Software AIO CREATOR NEO HomeMatic Edition with a HomeMatic CCU

If you want to use a HomeMatic CCU in combination with our software AIO CREATOR NEO HomeMatic Edition, it is necessary that the HomeMatic CCU is connected to your home network first. Then you can install AIO CREATOR NEO HomeMatic Edition and configure your HomeMatic-CCU in the Device Manager as a gateway.

For further information please read the online manual.