Test your personal Smart Home-App in only 5 steps

Discover the amazing features of AIO CREATOR NEO before purchasing the product! Simply test the complete functionality of any plug-in and icon set for free and with no time limitation.

The trial version contains all functions and features of our NEO Ultimate version. The only limitation: You are able to test the created remote control pages on PC/MAC via App simulator only. The transfer (up & download) to the NEO App on your Smartphones & Tablets has been eliminated in the trial version.

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I do not use AIO CREATOR NEO yet

How to create your individual Smart Home App in only 5 steps:

Download AIO Creator NEO
1 Download, install, activate the testmode & register
2 Select your smartphone or tablet, on which you want to use the created App.
Select your device
Create your smart home remote
3 Select a template and adapt it to your requirements or create an individual remote pages from the scratch by using the integrated icon gallery or your own images
4 Assign the devices and components to the control icons
5 Preview and operational testing of your created Control App via App Simulator.
Preview and test your smart home app


I already use AIO CREATOR but want to test a plug-in or icon-set

This is how it works:

Under “Edit User” in AIO CREATOR NEO turn the “Testmode” switch on.
You can now test and integrate functions.

All the integrated functions will stay after purchasing the plugin / Icon set