mediola - connected living AG

Our name indicates our vision

mediola® solutions revolutionize connected living by combining the popular proprietary technology of many building equipment vendors with modern wireless standards as well as trendy IP and cloud-based devices and services in one holistic solution. This is future-proof, saves money and enables customers to choose the brands they trust and mix them together individually.

mediola® was founded in 2007 in Frankfurt am Main as Europäische Akademie für angewandte Technologie (EAAT) with the aim of educating professionals about the new and fascinating options of smart networking in heterogeneous building infrastructures.

In 2011 the name was changed to mediola – connected living AG following the realignment of the corporate strategy towards the development of intelligent hardware and software solutions to connect and unite incompatible devices in buildings. Since then, we have been developing innovative products for the integrated use and automation of a wide range of brands, devices and technologies in buildings.

mediola® is a non-listed stock corporation and is majority owned by the tech consulting company tecnovum AG, Frankfurt Main.


Company: mediola – connected living AG, HRB 79321
Founding: 2007, since 2011 mediola – connected living AG
Share Capital: € 27.000.000,00
ISIN / WKN: DE000A0MF244 / A0MF24
Executive Board: Eva Katheder, Marc Treber, Jürgen Lux
Supervisory Board
Dr. Konstantin Zoggolis


Over the last years Smart Home has become an extremely dynamic and sustainable global hype, largely driven by smart devices and services such as Digital Voice Assistants from Amazon, Google or Apple. Thus, the demand for and use of smart devices in living and working environments increases rapidly.

Unfortunately, most of smart systems are isolated solutions, which are supporting a specific brand. However, customers who have recognized the benefits and convenience of smart homes and have decided to smartly retrofit their homes, typically have a heterogeneous device infrastructure with a product-mix of different brands. Consequently, the key customer requirement is cross brand interoperability.

This particularly affects the entire installed base of elementary building technology such as lighting, shading and heating, which usually consists of durable high-quality products that are costly installed. Millions of such already installed devices like roller shutters, shades, garage doors and climate control of many popular brands are included to this kind of significant investment products, for which customers want to avoid replacement but want to connect with smart environments. The problem therewith is that vendors each use their own proprietary and mutually incompatible wireless protocols to control the devices.

As a result, it is neither possible to combine different brands nor to connect the installed appliances with the new, trendy smart home gadgets. But that is exactly what defines the idea of smart home and what customers expect more than anything else from it. More and more customers want to retrofit their homes with smart technology and expand it into a connected home. To meet this rapidly growing demand mediola® offers a unique product range for customers as well as for manufacturers of building technology and specialist service providers and installers.

mediola® has developed an innovative system to make almost any device smart home / IoT-capable and to combine it in a single “all-in-one” app. The core product is our unique AIO GATEWAY series. As multifunctional and universal IP connectors, they connect existing, already installed building technology and new smart technology and combine everything in a comprehensive solution, so that the entire home can be fully automated and centrally controlled by using your smartphones, tablets, PCs – or even hands-free by using your voice.