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We provide cutting-edge solutions in Matter, Thread, app and hardware development, cloud services and cyber security compliance, empowering our customers to successfully benefit of the transition to Smart Home 2.0.
Our comprehensive portfolio includes custom OEM products and white label solutions for building equipment manufacturers, as well as our own smart home products for the consumer market.

Smart Home 2.0 will transform the market, significantly improve living quality, and simultaneously increase efficiency and sustainability.


Smart Solutions for Residential &Commercial Buildings​

As a leading IoT solution provider (Internet of Things), we offer over 15 years of experience in the digitization of products. We develop our own smart home products for the consumer market as well as specialized projects and white label products in the areas of cyber secuity compliance and matter integration for manufacturers in the building technology industry.

As specialists in this segment, we have successfully applied our innovative technology and unique expertise in hundreds of projects and OEM solutions for the benefit of our b2b customers.

Our open and universal technology platform connects almost “everything with everything” and provides seamless control, automation, and interoperability between building equipment and other devices, platforms, software, services, and standards such as Matter. It connects well over 200 brands with significantly more than 3,000 different products.

Mediola solutions and products have been repeatedly honored with Smart Home Deutschland Awards and are deployed in over 250,000 installations (according to Berg Insight 2022). Additionally, five different Matter Bridges have already been certified, including the world’s first multi-protocol Matter Bridge.

mediola matter bridge smart home award gewinner

With this concept we revolutionize home and building automation and force connected living by integrating millions of legacy building equipment products based on proprietary protocols from various manufacturers as well as  the latest generations of devices (wireless or wired) and standards, and IP- & cloud-based devices and services, into an all-in-one solution.

This way, everything will be interoperable, future-proof, saves money, and makes customers independent in their choice of preferred brands and products.

Company Facts​​

mediola was founded in 2007 in Frankfurt am Main als Europäische Akademie für angewandte Technologie (EAAT) with the main focus on imparting knowledge about smart connectivity options for heterogeneous home and building infrastructures. In 2011, the company was renamed to mediola – connected living AG and strategically realigned towards the development of smart soft- & hardware solutions to connect incompatible devices in homes and buildings.

mediola is an unlisted public company and is majority-owned by the tech consulting company tecnovum AG, Frankfurt Main.



mediola – connected living AG, HRB 79321


2007, seit 2011 mediola – connected living AG

Share Capital:

€ 27.000.000,00


DE000A0MF244 / A0MF24

Board of Directors: 

Eva Katheder, Marc Treber, Jürgen Lux

Chairman Supervisory Board:

Dr. Konstantin Zoggolis

matter mit mediola für gebäudetechnik - tga und smart home