Smart Home 2.0 Solutions for the building technology industry​

Matter and AI are driving the transformation to Smart Home 2.0. Consequently, enhanced security standards are necessary, which the EU is introducing with a new Cyber Security regulation. We ensure that your products comply with the new EU regulation, connect them with Matter and get you ready for the next generation of Smart Home!

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Matter and AI initiate a significant market upheaval​

The new Smart Home standard Matter and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have initiated the transformation to Smart Home 2.0 (SH 2.0). Thanks to massive support from global tech giants, Matter is poised to emerge as a game changer for this market, forcing significant disruptions.

With Matter, all devices in a building will seamlessly interoperate and be connected with the dominant global platforms of Apple, Google, Amazon, SmartThings, etc., along with their state-of-the-art AI. This creates entirely new opportunities for efficiency optimization and automation of technology in residential and commercial buildings.

At the same time, increasing connectivity necessitates higher security standards. To ensure the security requirements associated with these new developments, the EU will introduce a new regulation that mandates update capability and encrypted communication as mandatory prerequisites for CE marking of all connectable devices after a short transitional period.

Is your company a manufacturer of Technical Building Equipment (TBE)?​​

Therefore, the EU’s Cyber Resilience Act is of essential importance to you. Starting in 2025 with a short transitional phase, only connectable products that meet its security requirements will be allowed to be sold in the EU. In addition you should definitely not ignore Matter as an option for your products. 

We can assist you in seizing the opportunities of this digital transformation and realizing the perfect Cyber Security and Matter strategy.

With our Smart Home 2.0 solutions, your products will meet the new security standards while also benefiting from the major advantages of Matter. You remain completely flexible, as our solutions allow you to either integrate Matter directly or choose an option that initially meets the new security standards and can be retrofitted with Matter later as needed. This way, you avoid potential problem areas, remain independent, and retain control over your own solutions.

mediola SH 2.0 Single & Dual Stack – Optimal Solution for TBE​

The SH 2.0 Single & Dual Stack technology has been specifically developed to address the challenges of digital transformation with Matter and the new EU cybersecurity regulations.

Our Single Stack modules allow drives with Sub 1 GHz radio to comply with the new EU regulation and are already Matter-ready. Dual Stack enables all equipped products (bridges & modules) to have a secure dual connection: via the Matter protocol to the new Matter ecosystem and additionally via the mediola connect protocol to the mediola ecosystem.

Matter Bridges

Working as a central hub for all existing products with Sub 1 GHz radio (for proprietary protocols or other standards), we offer various mediola Matter Bridges. Via bridge, Matter with certification is supported for all connected and Matter-specs-compatible devices.

Mediola Matter Bridges are available as OEM versions in different variants. Equipment options include 433 MHz, 868 MHz, EnOcean, 2.4 GHz (Wi-Fi), as well as an IP-based building bus (mediola compactIP) with various adapters for wired and bus systems like KNX.

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Your benefits​

Smart Home 2.0 Modules - Single & Dual Stack​

Our mediola OEM SH 2.0 modules are designed for integration into motorized drives for blinds and sun protection systems. They are available in both Single and Dual Stack variants.

The Single Stack modules provide compliance with the new EU regulation for drives controlled by proprietary Sub 1 GHz radio in two optional steps (update capability, encryption). They are also Matter-ready and can be easily upgraded with the Matter protocol.

Our Dual Stack modules, based on Wi-Fi or Thread, already include both the Matter and connect protocols simultaneously. This allows products to be realized directly as native Matter devices. The module ensures Matter compliance and supports the Matter certification of the product.

Optionally, the modules can also be implemented as dual-band variants to support an additional radio frequency (e.g., 2.4 GHz & Sub 1 GHz).

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Your benefits​

mediola connect App / OEM App

Part of our solution is the mediola connect app for commissioning/ controlling of devices, which are connected via bridge or module. The Matter-independent app provides full end-to-end control and the ability to implement custom functions for your products beyond the standardized feature set of Matter. 

We can also implement the app as a white-label variant under your brand and in your corporate design.

matter connect für OEM - mediola connected living AG - Smart Home Solution

mediola offers the ultimate plus for your Matter strategy​​

As a professional full-service IoT solutions provider with over 15 years of expertise and a member of the CSA (standardization alliance behind matter), we support you in implementing the new EU cybersecurity regulations for your products and ensure Matter readiness or direct integration into the new Matter universe and the leading end-user platforms from Amazon, Apple & Google and their powerful AI features.

This saves you high costs for in-house development and certification, ensures compliance with the EU’s new security requirements, and provides the option to connect your current Matter products with your older non-Matter products in one solution.

Through mediola Single & Dual Stack technology TBE manufacturers meet the new EU security standards while also benefiting from the significant advantages of Matter – quick, easy and secure. 

At the same time, you maintain autonomy over Matter/CSA and retain full control over your own products. Our solution also includes an own OEM control app, allowing targeted differentiation based on individual product features despite standardization uniformity. Additionally, it meets the requirements of established channels like special retailers and installers.

Find out more about the optimal Cyber Security and Matter strategy for your products in our white paper!