mediola® solutions for manufacturers

Our innovative B2B-Solutions turn your products “smart”. Therefore we provide a comprehensive portfolio of services and products including  Software, Apps, Universal IoT GATEWAY, our “works with mediola”-program up to the customized development of your connected home ideas. So you can focus on your core business and we let your products benefit of the global megatrend Smart Home/ IoT.

We connect your products with the Internet of Things

Today the ability to control tech-products via App becomes more and more important as a stimulus for customers’ buying decisions. As a Smart Home specialist we enable manufacturers of building and security technology to upgrade their tech products with a smart Control App and more. Your customers will be excited with this new level of comfort.

Smart Home Sicherheit


mediola® enhances security  by integrating IP-Cameras, Lock-Systems, Sensors and many more.

Smart Home Licht


mediola® technology offers pure comfort to control lamps, lighting actuators and RGB-LEDs.

Smart Home Rollladen

Motor Drives

Thanks to mediola® you only need one finger tap to control shutters, blinds, awnings or garagedoors.

Heitzung Schema


Heatings, thermostats, air-conditioner, fans, etc. really become smart with mediola®..

Our flexible OEM solution

Universal IoT-Gateway: extremely powerful & customizable

For OEMs we offer a completely modular and extremely powerful white-label IoT gateway. It contains a high-performance server functionality and combines the majority of all market established radio standards such as 433 and 868 MHz as well as standards such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, EnOcean, WLAN and BT-Smart. By using this multifunctional hub manufacturer of building equipment are able to unite their products with other smart devices to a seamless Smart Home Solution.

Let your customers enjoy the new freedom of controlling your products via smartphone and tablet

Corporate Design

Top-Cover in Corporate Design Colour
incl. company / brand logo illuminated by RGB-LED


Modular Technology

High-Performance GATEWAY with
numerous technology options



It has never been easier to turn your products smart!

WORKS WITH mediola® is an efficient program to open up the fast growing IoT- and Smart Home-Market for your company. The program includes the implementation of your products in our hardware, app and software, so your products will be part of  the largest interoperable Smart Home Product Portfolio in Europe.

works with mediola Logo
  • Implementation of your products in the app IQONTROL as well as AIO REMOTE NEO
  • Implementation of your products in the software AIO CREATOR NEO (from Q2 2015)
  • Integration of your RF-Protocol in the mediola® AIO GATEWAY series (models V2 to V4) including encrypted implementation in the firmware
  • Inclusion of your products in our compatibility list
  • Design of your own control system icons/ tiles (if necessary)
Ipad und Iphone mit Iqontrol