matter certified mediola bridge

mediola with the world’s first certified Matter multi-protocol bridge

The mediola Matter Bridge, which already won the Smart Home Germany Award 2023, is now also the world’s first officially certified bridge for connecting manufacturer-specific wireless protocols to the new Smart Home standard Matter. 

mediola – connected living AG, one of Europe’s leading companies for open, cross-brand IoT and Smart Home solutions, has achieved the next milestone with its Matter Bridge designed as a professional platform solution for the building technology industry. After successfully meeting all compliance criteria, it has now received official certification from the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). The mediola Matter Bridge is thus the first certified bridge worldwide that enables manufacturers of technical building equipment to connect their millions of installed legacy products equipped with incompatible proprietary wireless technology to the upcoming Smart Home „super-standard“ Matter. Rapid integration of new product generations into Matter is also achievable through the mediola Matter Bridge without the need for complete redevelopment. This approach helps to avoid the intensive use of limited development resources and complex product and production changes. 

„With the official certification of our mediola Matter Bridge, we offer the building technology industry an extremely efficient OEM solution to enter the world of Smart Home 2.0 immediately and without any risks,“ says Bernd Grohmann, CEO of mediola. „We are convinced that with Matter a global, IPv6-based standard will finally overcome the current fragmented Smart Home landscape, becoming a game-changer for the entire industry. The high interest in Matter is reflected not at least in the large number of building technology manufacturers, which are already members of CSA and Matter. With our mediola Matter Bridge, also existing products can now be connected to the Matter platforms of Apple, Google, Amazon, and others. The easier and faster the integration not only of consumer devices but also of technical building equipment into the Matter universe proceeds, the more successful Matter will become, leaving the frustrating technology chaos behind. The entire industry will definitely benefit from this,“ Grohmann emphasizes. 

The bridge acts as a translator that connects non-Matter devices with the new IPv6-based standard and its unified application layer. Manufacturer-specific protocols, as well as older wireless standards (e.g. EnOcean), can be integrated into the major Smart Home ecosystems of Apple, Google, Amazon, and others through the bridge and the accompanying mediola connect app. The connect app not only handles the installation of devices for Matter but also allows the building technology manufacturer to implement individual functions for configuration, control, and operation that go beyond the Matter specification. Thus, the manufacturer retains the freedom to realize special features as innovations and competitive USPs and can also consider the specific requirements of specialized retailers and installation companies. 

Thanks to the now certified mediola Matter Bridge, building technology manufacturers can enter the Matter world through OEM versions more easily and economically than ever before. This allows them to seize the opportunities associated with the predicted market acceleration early on and avoid unpredictable technical and commercial risks in new developments. For their customers, the manufacturers can additionally score with the unbeatable advantage that durable, permanently installed legacy devices like shutters, heating systems, etc., can be seamlessly integrated into the major Smart Home ecosystems and connected to other product groups and new devices via Matter. For both, customers and manufacturers, this is a clear win-win situation but it is also resource-efficient and sustainable – which means another win for the environment. 
The first manufacturers will soon enter the market with their own OEM versions of the mediola Matter Bridge.